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You can make a reservation with us Monday through Thursday! Sorry, there are no reservations on weekends or holidays.


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Since 1984, Trident Booksellers & Cafe has been providing Back Bay residents, students, and tourists with sustenance for the mind and body.

Trident is the perfect place to catch up with friends, study for your exam, grab brunch, or browse our wide selection of books and magazines.  We offer free wifi, an award-winning magazine selection, a full service restaurant, books, cards, gifts, and, above all, a unique Boston experience.

Check out the Trident’s extensive menu, featuring fresh juice and smoothies, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Be sure to look at our events calendar to see what’s happening tonight!

Artist Spotlight

Trident is excited to display the work of Carol Reynolds.

From Carol: “Once upon a time…. I was a child with charcoal colored hair and a sad face. I was never sad when I was creating beautiful things and having adventures. I would walk barefoot in creeks, catch fireflies and tree frogs.

“My heart ached for being loved and recognized for who I was…a curious creative child. I continued to climb trees, create beautiful things and ride a Flexible Flyer down the street at dangerous speeds.

“I went to schools that did not have art classes. I continued to create, but never experienced formal art training.

“I was a sensitive child, and felt the pain of others, as I experienced it myself. I tried to do what I could to help others help themselves. As the saying goes “Love is the answer”.

“A few of the things I needed to learn were to trust more, live in the moment, forgive, and be thankful for all that I have . I know that the only reality is “now” ….not yesterday or tomorrow. I try to live that way, creating in the moment and sharing what I love.

“I am so grateful for the journey that I have been given.”