Rejected Princesses Party with Jason Porath

December 8, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


This ain’t your grandma’s princess party.

Join us for a celebration of some of history’s most forgotten badass women! Jason Porath, author of Rejected Princesses, based on his popular blog, will be discussing and signing his new book and his favorite heroines and hellions of history. In addition, the bar will feature princess crafts, photobooth, and food and drink themed after the women featured in the book. Come in your best princess attire or dressed as your favorite historical heroine to receive 20% off your purchase of Rejected Princesses. The costume contest winner, judged by Jason himself, will receive a special prize!

About the book:
Well-behaved women seldom make history. Good thing these women are far from well behaved . . .

Illustrated in a contemporary animation style, Rejected Princesses turns the ubiquitous “pretty pink princess” stereotype portrayed in movies, and on endless toys, books, and tutus on its head, paying homage instead to an awesome collection of strong, fierce, and yes, sometimes weird, women: warrior queens, soldiers, villains, spies, revolutionaries, and more who refused to behave and meekly accept their place.

An entertaining mix of biography, imagery, and humor written in a fresh, young, and riotous voice, this thoroughly researched exploration salutes these awesome women drawn from both historical and fantastical realms, including real life, literature, mythology, and folklore. Each profile features an eye-catching image of both heroic and villainous women in command from across history and around the world, from a princess-cum-pirate in fifth century Denmark, to a rebel preacher in 1630s Boston, to a bloodthirsty Hungarian countess, and a former prostitute who commanded a fleet of more than 70,000 men on China’s seas.


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