Table Reading of Seamus Scanlon’s The Blood Flow Game

December 1, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for a rehearsed table reading of Seamus Scanlon’s The Blood Flow Game, a follow-up to his award winning McGowan Trilogy.

About The Blood Flow Game: 

THE BLOOD FLOW GAME features the same antihero as in THE MCGOWAN TRILOGY viz. Victor M McGowan (The M stands for murder and something else!). THE BLOOD FLOW GAME is set in the rural Northern Ireland border region between mid 1980s and mid 1990s. The play examines the complex relationship between Victor and his former partner. His emotional paucity means he takes actions that harm his well being and humanity and all those around him.

Seamus Scanlon is a Galway (Ireland) born author based in New York. His flash fiction and poetry have appeared in Mondays Are Murder (Akashic Books), The Fish Publishing anthologies and The Americas Poseamus11etry Festival of New York anthologies.

His award winning play The McGowan Trilogy (Arlen House) was produced by Nancy Manocherian’s Cell Theater Company in New York in September 2014 directed by Kira Simring as part of Origin’s 1st Irish Theater festival. The film version of The Long Wet Grass was shot in Ireland in early October 2016. The Blood Flow Game is the sequel to The McGowan Trilogy starring Victor M McGowan. (The M stands for murder and something else.)

His first story collection As Close As You’ll Ever Be was published by
Cairn Press (2012). He is a resident artist at the Cell Theater and a Fellow of The McDowell Colony, La Muse, Dora
Maar House and The Center For Fiction. He is the librarian at City College’s Center for Worker Education.

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