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Meet Our Staff

Michael Lemanski,

General Manager

Ever since Michael could be legally employed,  he’s spent his time connecting people with books,  food,  or both.  A lifelong lover of the written (and spoken) word,  he studied English and German at Stonehill College.  Through a lifetime of reading,  and in earning his BA,  he is convinced that it is story (the weaving, the telling, the listening, the sharing of it) that defines us and makes us human. He’s been at the Trident since the summer of 2004,  starting as a Bookseller,  spending some time as the Bookstore Manager,  and now quite happy to contribute to the success of Trident in his present role as GM.

When he’s not doing his best to keep the Trident running smoothly,  you’ll probably find him reading,  bicycling,  or playing a little music.  An amateur musician,  he dabbles in several instruments and loves to sing.


Megan Mount,  Cafe Director Megan joined the Trident team as a server in February 2006 while attending Emerson College,  where she received a Bachelor of Science in Print and Multimedia Journalism in May of 2006. She worked as a reporter at the Patriot Ledger in Quincy for a few months before coming back to the Trident and becoming a bartender. In August of 2008 Megan became a Cafe Manager,  and in May of 2009 she became the Cafe Director. She is currently working on the new Dairy Free menu,  creating a monthly newsletter,  setting up cafe events and working towards the progression of the Trident with the rest of the management team. Born and raised in New Jersey (and proud to be),  Megan has lived in the Boston area for 8 years. She is terribly afraid of birds,  loves peanut butter and My Best Friend’s Wedding.                 





Courtney Flynn, Marketing/Events CoordinatorCourtney was the original regular at the Trident, seeing as her parents are the owners and she’s been coming here since birth. She has seen the store evolve from funky hangout on the wrong end of Newbury Street to a Boston staple in a good part of town. Her employment history started at the Trident when she would put price stickers on books and arrange greeting cards as a child. She went on to work in publishing for two years at Shambhala Publications and has now returned to the Trident as part of the management team.

Courtney’s Favorite Books

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, And Hope In A Mumbai UndercityThe Complete StoriesCathedralWhere I'm Calling From: New and Selected StoriesThe Bell Jar







Max Clark,  Assistant Bookstore Manager

Max has been Assistant Bookstore Manager since November 2007. Born in Okinawa,  Japan,  transplanted to NH (the chip on his shoulder growing by the day),  he left the sombre ocean for an idyllic mountain atmosphere that happened to have a college in its valley. Renewed by the grunge of western Massachusetts’ industrial decay and vibrant artistic belt,  he absquatulated the scene and landed in Boston. His favorite color is green.


James Classey, Bookseller

James Classey was found as a fully formed fetus in a drop of moisture on a Mountain Laurel in rural Connecticut sometime in the early 80s, the first recorded instance of what is now commonly referred to as a “Dew Baby”. Years later, this medical miracle can be found at Trident Booksellers, performing his various duties in a virtuosic manner that continues to delight, astonish and please patrons and co-workers alike.



James Hills, Bookseller

Jamie’s interest in independent retail bookselling goes back to his graduate school days in Chicago, where he worked for another fine independent bookstore on the south side. After moving to Boston in 1999, he signed up with Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, where he was a bookseller for about 8 years, before joining the staff at the Trident in February of 2008.